Thursday, 28 April 2016

Morning all!

I've got myself into a habit of creating cards but not blogging them! Why do I do that? I can't promise that I'll change but here's a start, a card I created using WPlus9's freehand floral stamps by Dawn Wholeslagle.  I just love her stamps & video's on YouTube - she makes it look so easy creating her little beauties - me, on the otherhand, finds it NOT so easy BUT I do enjoy the learning part, so that's something!

I CASEd her card (so gorgeous), although I do need more practice in stamping these layered dies - good job I love 'em, so it wont be a problem in trying to layer them right lol

I'm pretty pleased how the card turned out & happy to have it posted out  to a lady who has been diagnosed with cancer.  There is a request from her darling Daughter, on the Stamping Enablers Facebook group (click link for actual post request).  I know it's a tough time for her & her family & I so hope receiving all the handmade cards will bring a smile to her heart :) 

That's all folks!

See you next time!
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